Saturday, March 28, 2020

Science Grade 7 Rock Layers with Geologic Time Scale Model

Making a model using simple kitchen sponges, paper, and 2 small toy dinosaurs

An important emphasis in science is giving the students opportunities to create models. During a chapter about formation of rock layers (after learning about the 3 types of rocks), I set some time in our schedule for groups of 3 to 4 students to create a rock layer model based on the type of tiny plastic toy dinosaurs (2) were randomly given to them. [This was with 7th graders and made about 2 months ago, maybe...I'm thinking end of January to first week or so in February...]

This [identifying dinosaurs] required a quick online search and then referral to the text copy of the GTS. Does the dinosaur belong to the Jurassic, Cretaceous, other period? If both are from the same millions of  years span or different ones, where were they to be placed? They were instructed to use the sponges as thick layers and have at least 2 thin layers [shown] using sections of yellow copy paper. Sponges were to be labeled on at least 1 side.

The models aren't very glamorous but they were effective in students working together to ask questions and solve the mysteries of which eons were going to be represented:

Students didn't really understand the connection between the fossil record and the geologic time scale until creating this model. 

What are your hands-on visualized ways to help students cognitively start comprehending in some small way the enormity of how the Earth was made?

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