Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Physical Science Pre Chemistry Mixtures or Solutions Demonstration shared by student

Welcome to Science Grades 6 to 8 from USA Heartland blog! I'm Becca S and I have several blogs about different educational interests, genealogy research, and paper-crafting projects. This particular one focuses on sharing hands-on experiences with current junior high science students--even remotely delivered. Yes.

Before Act of God days and now in Remote Learning days designated during stay at home orders, eighth graders had started some pre-chemistry topics about mixtures and solutions. I thought proceeding might be too difficult for students to do on their own so I switched to sound and light waves and electricity basics worksheets during our first 3 weeks. Now that the students have received their textbooks during a school district designated curbside delivered pick-up, I've backtracked to assign textbook reading and questions in order to further their understanding.

However I thought a great extension or extra they could do would be to send me photos showing examples of household tasks that they believe demonstrates a mixture or a solution. So far I have 3 students of 16 who have attempted this and 1 has sent me some phenomenal sequenced pics that I asked her for permission to share with my blog readers.

This is from "A"=

Yesterday she demonstrated chocolate milk made with Ovaltine and skim milk. The photos were sequenced just like the montage seen above.

I just thought this was a phenomenal way to have students still DOING science.

She's documenting, sharing results, using technology for the documenting and sharing, demonstrating sequential formatting, etc.

LOVE this!

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